Windows Update: Could not load error message

Possible Error

While installing updates on your Desktop, mostly a restart is required.
This restart can be executed perfectly, only our Cloudalize Platform doesn’t like this restart; I’ll explain why.

When you do a restart to finalize the updates, Windows take some time to install the updates in the shutdown/boot screen (see screenshot below).

While this screen is displayed you’ll disconnect automatically, but your monitor remains green.
When trying to launch the Desktop during this state you’ll get the following error: “Could not load error message”.


This problem resolves itself, only some patience is needed.

Just let the workstation do his updates and do not click on the shutdown button.
This can take up to 15 minutes before you can reconnect to your Desktop.
(This depends on the size of the updates.)

But when you can reconnect, all updates are properly installed.
Just do not click the shutdown button in the Cloudalize portal during the restart.

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