Which desktop do I need to have a good experience while using Revit or AutoCAD?

We always recommend starting with a M602 (4 vCPU – 6GB RAM – 2GB GPU RAM), which proves to be more than enough for regular projects in Revit or AutoCAD. In case your (3D) model is very heavy, you can any time upgrade your desktop to M604 (8 vCPU – 32GB RAM – 4GB GPU RAM) to meet your needs and have a better performance. In fact, most of our customers start with entry models workstation to do first designs and 2D work. As the project, and its files, start increasing in size and complexity, they upgrade their machine to a M604 to start with heavier work, or have an M608 running in parallel to do the renderings, while continuing to work (on other projects). Read more about using AutoCAD on Cloudalize here: https://www.cloudalize.com/blog/run-autocad-with-cloudalize/

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