What is hourly or monthly usage?

Hourly usage

We have a recurring monthly subscription fee, when this fee is payed you will be charged for every hour that your Cloudalize Desktop is running. The burn-rate per hour depends on which type of Desktop you are running.

Note: Every session on your Desktop is billed as an hour, even if it’s powered on for only 5 minutes. Moreover, your unused credits don’t expire. Left-over credits from a previous project, can be used for your current project without any time limit.

Monthly usage

When you choose to be billed on a monthly basis, your desktop will be charged at the beginning of every billing cycle. There are you monthly billing options.

Monthly Business pack: a monthly fee is charged but you have a limited number of hours included in that price.

Monthly Unlimited pack: a monthly fee is charged and gives unlimited access and usage of you Cloudalize Desktop.

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