What are acceptable speed and latency values


http://speed.cloudalize.com will redirect you to a speed test site in your geographical location and measure your speed and latency to our data centre (if possible use Chrome. It is advised not use Internet Explorer).

Cloudalize Speed test and latency issues

Fig. 1: Cloudalize Speed Test.

After the test is complete you will see 4 values. Download, Upload, Latency and Jitter. Download and Upload are in Mbit/s (megabit). Latency and Jitter are in ms (milliseconds). Latency is the average ping speed. Jitter is the deviation of latency. When Jitter is unstable it will have a negative effect on your experience.

If your download and upload speed is > 10 Mbit you have a decent enough speed.

If your latency is < 60 ms you have a strong latency, if it is between 60 and 150ms you have a weak latency, if it is > 150 ms you have a poor latency.

If your jitter is < 10 ms and it is stable you have a decent jitter.

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