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With the shared drive, you can create more space to store your personal data. We can customize this to meet your needs. The handy thing about this shared drive is that it can be accessed by all desktops within your enclosed environment on the Cloudalize Portal. This makes it easy to share files between different users / desktops. If you want a shared drive (S:\ drive) to be available on your desktops, you will have to make a request to your Sales Representative and/or Support.

We have several approaches to offer you a shared drive, below a small overview of the different types:

  • Samba
    • Within your desktop you will find a S:\ drive that will be automatically created. This drive is also in sync with all the other desktops within the enclosed environment on the Cloudalize Portal. In other words, every file can be approached, saved and manipulated within your company.

  • Samba + Nextcloud
    • This is the shared drive within the desktop and you will have access to a Nextcloud Webportal. To access the Webportal, you will receive a custom url.  From there you will be able to access your files/data from anywhere, meaning that you can approach the Nextcloud Webportal from within your desktop as outside it. Note: both, Samba & Nextcloud, have the same backend folder as data source, so changes to the data/folder structure are instant available & up to date via both approaches

  • Nextcloud
    • You only have access to the NextCoud Webportal.
  • Server
    • This option is only available when having a full custom setup, please contact sales.

Note that the volume of every different type of share drive can be discussed with your Sales Representative.

*When the shared drive disappeared suddenly, please have a look at the following FAQ Article.
**To recover from a snapshot or deleted files for the Samba S-drive, please have a look at the following FAQ Article.

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