Shared drive (S-drive) doesn’t show on a Cloud Workstation

Shared Drive

Please note that a shared drive is not a standard feature of Cloudalize.

How to Obtain

If you require a shared drive (S-drive) to be available on your Cloud Workstation, you will have to make a request to your Account Executive or Support Team. For more information about a shared drive, please read the following FAQ article.

Known Issue

A known issue is that the shared drive can disappear from your Cloud Workstation. There are two solutions to this issue.

Straightforward Solution

For the easy solution, we will turn off the Cloud Workstation through the portal:

So first you will have to “log off” on your Cloud Workstation.
Once in the Portal you click on the “Turn off” button.

You’ll have to wait until the status is “off“.
When it is off, you click on the “Turn on” button.
This can take a while.

When the status is “on“, you may “launch” your desktop.
The Shared drive should re-appear on your desktop.

If the Shared drive haven’t appeared yet, go through “the Advanced solution“.

Advanced Solution

Open a Command Prompt.

Don’t forget to “Run as administrator

In Command Prompt you will have to type the command : gpupdate /force

Now it will update the Computer Policy and User Policy and give you the message when it’s completed.
Don’t close it before you get this message.

The shared drive should be visible again for you.


If those solutions didn’t make the Shared Drive re-appear, please contact the Cloudalize Support Team


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