Launch a Desktop

The location where you can launch your desktop depends on the role your account has.

If you’re a normal user, you can launch your Desktop from the dashboard screen (default page).

If you’re an admin, you can launch your Desktop from the Desktops screen, which is located under the tab “Desktops”.

Start the Desktop

When the desktop is available for the user, you can control basic tasks like start and stop the machine. Hit the on/off button to toggle between these states. If the desktop is not available for the user, read here on how to (deploy and) assign a workstation to a user.

You can easily find out what the state of your desktop is just by looking at the color of the icon:

  • Grey: desktop is powered off
  • Green: desktop is powered on

Launch the Desktop

By clicking on the desktop icon, it will instantly download an .ica file.
By opening this file, your Desktop will launch using the Citrix Receiver. It’s also possible that the .ica automatically opens.


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