Known issue: error message while installing an .msi file


There have been reports of system administrator preventing the installation of .msi files (please refer to the screenshot below).


We do not have any policy in place that disallows an installation. Every filetype/software is allowed from our side.


Importing/creating a registry key allowing you to run an .msi file “As Administrator” often offers a solution to this known issue. Below two how-to guides (first one to create the registry key manually, second one to import it via a .reg file).

1. Create reg keys manually

a. Open regedit
b. Browse into HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Msi.Package\shell

c. Add a new key called “runas”

d. Modify the value of the Default entry “runas” to Install as &Administrator

e. Add a subkey under key “runas” called “command”

f. Modify the value of the Default entry “command” to msiexec /i “%1”

2. Add the reg keys via .reg file (easiest solution)

a. Launch your cloud Desktop
b. Open notepad and paste the following content:

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00
@="Install as &Administrator"
@="msiexec /i \"%1\""

c. Select “Save As”, fill in “MSI_install_as_administrator.reg” as file name, select “All Files (*.*)” as type; location of the file doens’t matter.

d. Run the file by double-clicking it.
e. Allow MSI_install_as_administrator.reg to adjust the Registry by clicking “Yes”

f. All keys are added successfully

After executing one of the 2 guides above, you should be able to right click an .msi file & select “Install as Administrator”.
The software should install properly. If not, please contact support via 


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