Is Cloudalize supported in my country or location?

One of our datacenters is located in London UK and, thanks to its central location on a major central internet hub, benefits from increased performance throughout the entire European continent.

The other datacenter is located in Piscataway (Near New York, USA), serving the east coast of USA.

You can check the quality of your connection to our datacenters via Geolocation will forward you to the closest datacenter.

One of the determining factors for end-user acceptance, is the responsiveness of the system to the user’s interaction. For this, the network latency is the determining factor. To obtain a good response, the latency should ideally be below 50ms to guarantee an excellent experience. As long as the latency stays under 100ms the user experience is acceptable and workable.

Please note that, depending on the use case, latency might not be an issue (eg: Deep learning algorithms).

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