How to shutdown or reboot a desktop

You can shutdown or reboot a desktop in different ways.


In Windows you can use the normal start menu icon to shutdown or reboot the desktop. These shutdown and reboot actions are gracefull. Meaning, it’s like a clean shutdown of a normal workstation at your home. Should you encounter that your desktop is locked because of software issues, you can always shutdown the desktop via Cloudalize.

Cloudalize Desktop

You can use Cloudalize to shutdown and start the desktop. A direct reboot is not possible via Cloudalize.

When your desktop is running, you’ll see a green desktop. You can use the action button underneath to power down the desktop.

During shutdown and boot events, the icon will change in a spinning arrow. The shutdown event is the same clean shutdown action as when you shut down the desktop from within Windows. However, Cloudalize is clever enough to check this shutdown action and whenever the action would fail (because of software issues for instance), Cloudalize will automatically try to hard reset your desktop. This has no impact on your data.

When the desktop has been shutdown, you will see a gray desktop and a play button to start the desktop again.

Things to consider:

  • It might take a few seconds before you see an update of the status of your desktop in Cloudalize
  • When you keep your desktop running and you choose the hourly billing schedule, you will keep burning credits while disconnected. Only when you shutdown, the counter will stop. You can safely shut down your desktop, as long as you keep your subscription active, we will make sure your data stays on our platform.

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