How to activate multiple screens?

To connect to Cloudalize, you can use a webbrowser for quick and easy access. But, when you want to do more, we recommend to use the Citrix Receiver.

With this receiver, you can stream your desktop to more than one screen that is connected to your device.

To start, you have to set your desktop in window mode. You can do this by selecting the little arrow at the top of your screen.

After which you choose Window.

Once your desktop is in window mode, you can drag the side of the window to the second screen.

Citrix Receiver to dual screen

After which you can just maximize the windowed receiver again. You can do the same action for three or four screens.

Keep in mind that all screens must have more or less the same resolution. When the two screens have a big difference, the cloud desktop will not size well with both. For instance one HD and one 4K resolution will give scaling issues.

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