How to access a Server?

First of all, please note that this article is about accessing a Server instance, not a Desktop instance.
How to access a Desktop can be found in this FAQ article.

You cannot “launch” a Server instance directly from the portal.
You will have to use a Desktop session as hub to connect to the Server instance, below a guide how to access a Server.

  1. Lookup some parameters:
    Login into the portal with an Admin account.
    Browse to the “Servers” tab, click on “view details” of the desired server.
    Note down the IP Address of the Server.
  2. Connect to a Desktop:
    Login into the portal with an User account or an Admin account.
    Launch a Desktop that is in the same internal network (All Desktops/Servers of a customer are in the same internal network; not applicable for sub-customers/projects).
  3. Open a “Remote Desktop Connection” to the server:
    Within the Desktop, you’ll need to run the program “Remote Desktop Connection”.
    Click on the  button.
  4. Fill in the Server IP Address (noted down in step 1) as Computer, fill in “\Administrator” as User name & click “Connect”. Mind the “\” before “Administrator”!

  5. You can trust the remote connection to the server, click again “Connect”.
  6. Fill in the Server password (sent to you via email) & click “OK”.
  7. Click “Yes” when the certificate pop-up is shown.
  8. All done, you’re connected to the Server using a remote connection from a Desktop.

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