How does Cloudalize compare in pricing and functionality to A360 Collaboration for Revit?

Our pricing consists of 2 parts: subscription cost (to cover licenses up to the Microsoft OS, guarantee availability of your desktop environment at any time) and the usage cost. It is a pay-per-performance (the higher the performance model, the higher the credit burn rate), and pay-per-use (the more hours you use, the more credits you pay).
I wouldn’t compare our solution to A360 Collaboration for Revit. A360 is a tool that helps collaboration by having files accessible anywhere, at any time. But when you open a file, it is using your local device’s performance, which means you’ll still need a heavy device to be able to work properly. Besides that, you’ll have to download and upload your files to be working with them.
Cloudalize combines performance + data in the cloud, which means you will not download or upload files (which is the safest way to protect your intellectual property), while still having all the flexibility for collaboration. With Cloudalize, you can even use your iPad or Android tablet to open your Revit files.

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