How do I set up a network?

The network in the Default Project is already configured by Cloudalize.
So, all Desktops have already a network with internet access.

Server networks
Every Project has at least one configured network to communicate between Desktops (and Servers).

To add an extra network (in the Default Project or another), do the following:

  1.  Go to Projects -> Default Project (or another if desired) -> Network tab and click on the “+” sign to add a network
  2. In the wizard, specify the Container type & ACL.
    Container type:
    – 1 large network (/24)
    – 2 medium networks (/25)
    – 4 small networks (/26)
    Select a Default ACL deny/allow all or create one yourself by clicking the “+” sign next to Network ACL’s in the previous screen.
  3. A second (Server) network is created.


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