How do I set up a separate network?

The network in the Default Project is already configured by Cloudalize.
So, all Desktops have already a network with internet access.
There’s no need to create a network yourself, unless you have a sufficient reason to do so (creating a separate server network for example).

Server networks
To add an extra network (in the Default Project or another), do the following:

  1.  Go to Projects -> Default Project (or another if desired) -> Network tab and click on the “+” sign to add a network
  2. In the wizard, specify the Container type & ACL.
    Container type:
    – 1 large network (/24)
    – 2 medium networks (/25)
    – 4 small networks (/26)
    Select a Default ACL deny/allow all or create one yourself by clicking the “+” sign next to Network ACL’s in the previous screen.
  3. A second (Server) network got   created.


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