How to impersonate a subcustomer

When you are logged in as an Admin & your environment has a subcustomer (because you are a reseller), you can impersonate into this subcustomer to make changes to their environment.

Please have a look at the schematic overview below to have a better understanding of the customer – subcustomer relation.

  • Customer MASTER has:
    • User USERONE (admin) with a M602 Desktop
    • User USERTWO with a M602 Desktop
    • Deploy M602 with capacity 2
    • Customer SUB has:
      • User USERTHREE (admin) with a M604 Desktop
      • User USERFOUR without a Desktop
      • Deploy M604 with capacity 1

USERONE is admin on the upper level (customer MASTER), so he can impersonate into the subcustomer (customer SUB) to make some changes (for example: create a new user for subcustomer SUB, deploy a blueprint for subcustomer SUB, assign a Desktop to a user in subcustomer SUB)
As USERONE is admin on the upper level, he can make these changes for customer MASTER as well.


How to impersonate:

  1. Sign in as Admin on the master environment
  2. Click on your own customer name (MASTER in this case), to open the dropdown menu
  3. Select the desired subcustomer you want to impersonate in
  4. You are now impersonated in the desired subcustomer (in this case SUB)


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