How do I delete my Desktop?

You can only delete a Desktop when you’re an Admin (or ask your Admin to delete your Desktop).
This guide can also be used to re-initialize (reset) your Desktop.

  1. Make sure you are logged in as an Admin.
  2. Browse to “Users” and click on the desired user which Desktop needs to be deleted, click on the tab “Desktops”.
  3. In this view you can simple switch the toggle button from on to off.
  4. A confirmation dialog will pop up to ask if you’re sure to delete the Desktop (including all data stored on it).
  5. The Desktop is unassigned from the user & will be deleted in the back-end.

Note that the capacity still remains & needs to be decreased, otherwise you’ll still be billed for the Desktop.
To decrease the capacity, please follow the guide Change Deployed Desktop Capacity.

To re-initialize (reset) the Desktop, you can re-assign the deploy to the user you’ve deleted the Desktop from.

!!Important note!!: when you re-assign a Desktop to the same user you’ve deleted the Desktop from, please don’t quickly switch the toggle button twice. This will confuse the back-end, because it’s still deleting the Desktop while a new one is placed on the same spot.
So when you switch the toggle button to off, wait approx. 15 minutes before you switch it back to on.
This will give all components enough time to perform all tasks properly.

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