Getting Started – Dashboard

Welcome to Cloudalize. This article will explain which features can be found where.

First, if you do not have an account yet, create one now here:

Depending on your user credentials and your subscription type, you might see less items in the Dashboard. It gives you a quick overview of all resources available. (Available to admins.)

The main parts are:

  • Navigation bar (yellow): In the yellow selection, you’ll find menu items to our main features. Click on the item below to read more detailed FAQ items.
    • Customers: You can overview, create and manage all your customers. (Only available to our Partners)
    • Users: Here you’ll see a list of all your users and are able to add/edit/delete users and their assigned desktops. To have a better understanding of this item, please visit the Create and assign a user. (Available to admins)
    • Projects: Projects are self-contained environments within your customer tenant. Within such project you can create users, desktops, servers and manage their specific network details. (Available to admins)
    • Desktops: The launch pad for assigned desktops. From here you can see and manage (startup, shutdown, restart) your own desktop(s). (Available to all)
    • Servers: An overview to your deployed servers. From here you can deploy new servers or manage your existing servers. (Available to admins)
    • Blueprints: You can choose to deploy from blueprints. These publicly available blueprints are easy to deploy and get you started. (Available to admins)
    • Settings: Account settings like billing, default settings for your tenant, … can be found here. (Available to admins)
  • Burn rate (blue): A quick overview on how many credits are still available and how many you are using. The hourly usage is an estimate based on 2 days of use. From here you can click through to the billing details. (Available to admins)
  • Profile settings (purple): From here you can change personal profile settings. Besides the profile settings you can see the most important notifications here, as well as a link to our FAQ and support if you weren’t able to find the answer to your question in our FAQ.
  • Search bar (red): If you are a partner and have multiple customers on the platform you can navigate to their environment with the search bar at the top left.


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