How can I connect to my cloud workstation?

After you receive your login credentials and visit the site for the first time, you will be prompted by a selection box. For more information what to choose you can check the article If you or your company admin provisioned you a desktop (and assigned it to you), the Desktop […]

Change Windows Updates from Manual to Automatic

If you want to enable Automatic Windows Updates instead of Manual Windows Updates you can perform the following actions: Click the Start button Type “command” Right-click “Command Prompt” and select “Run as administrator” A new dialog appears. Type “sconfig” at the prompt and press enter. After “sconfig” has been launched […]

How to check for Windows Updates

By default auto-updates are turned on so your workstation always has the latest updates installed. If you download and install the updates, keep in mind that a reboot of your system might take longer than normal. You can learn more about rebooting a desktop here. To check if there are […]

What are acceptable speed and latency values will redirect you to a speedtest site in your geographical location and measure your speed and latency to our datacenter (if possible use Chrome – do not use Internet Explorer). After the test is complete you will see 4 values. Download, Upload, Latency and Jitter. Download and Upload are in […]