How to impersonate a subcustomer

When you are logged in as an Admin & your environment has a subcustomer (because you are a reseller), you can impersonate into this subcustomer to make changes to their environment. Please have a look at the schematic overview below to have a better understanding of the customer – subcustomer […]

Known issue: error message while installing an .msi file

Summary There have been reports of system administrator preventing the installation of .msi files (please refer to the screenshot below). Symptoms We do not have any policy in place that disallows an installation. Every filetype/software is allowed from our side. Resolution Importing/creating a registry key allowing you to run an […]

How to access a Server?

First of all, please note that this article is about accessing a Server instance, not a Desktop instance. How to access a Desktop can be found in this FAQ article. You cannot “launch” a Server instance directly from the portal. You will have to use a Desktop session as hub […]

Does Cloudalize backup my data?

Yes, we do. But we only create backups for emergency recovery, which are not commonly used. The backups we take are also on a best practice base from our side and thus not regulated on specific timings. This feature is not integrated in the Cloudalize platform, but is only accessible […]

Disable Internet Access in your Desktop

In some cases, it’s usefull to block internet access in your Desktop(s). This setting can only be applied by an Cloudalize Administrator and requires some technical knowledge. I’ll try to explain how to apply this setting in a few steps below. The internet access will be blocked by using an […]

Known issue: anti-virus/firewall blocking Cloudalize

Summary Some customers had issues with accessing and launching their Desktop. This can be related to your anti-virus or firewall. If your settings are too restricted, it’s possible that our domains are blocked. Symptoms When you open a browser and the login page ( is unreachable or not working as […]

Known issue: DPI scaling on big screens

Summary When using a screen with a high resolution (big screen), it’s possible that the display is not shown properly due to DPI scaling Resolution Please adjust the DPI scaling settings on your local device (not in your Desktop) to resolve this issue. Browse to C:\Program Files (x86)\Citrix\ICA Client\ in Windows Explorer […]

Change display language

You can change the display language in your Desktop by following the next steps: Open “Control panel” (can be found by searching via the looking glass in the bottom left corner) Select “Clock, Language, and Region”; Select “Language” Click the button “Add Language” & select the desired language Click on […]

Windows Update: Could not load error message

Possible Error While installing updates on your Desktop, mostly a restart is required. This restart can be executed perfectly, only our Cloudalize Platform doesn’t like this restart; I’ll explain why. When you do a restart to finalize the updates, Windows take some time to install the updates in the shutdown/boot […]

Revit Autodesk: license server issue

You might experience some issues when using a licensing server for Revit Autodesk. To resolve this issue you have to disable IPv6 on the Server. To do so, perform the following steps: Run remote Desktop to the server. Right-click the network icon in the bottom right corner & Choose “Open […]

How can I increase the disk space on my Desktop?

Increasing disk space on the Desktop itself is not possible. But we offer additional storage as a shared drive with the size you’d like. You can find the pricing about the shared drive on our pricing page ( This additional storage is also shared between all the Dekstops in your […]

Read/write access

When launching your Desktop, it’s possible that a dialog box pops up asking you to (dis)allow read/write access. This is asked to set the level of access you want to grant to your local files. We recommend to choose “read/write access”, as it’s required to access local files & USB […]

Known issue: Mobile devices touch input

Summary Cloudalize Desktop doesn’t correctly redirect the touch inputs to the Dekstop. Symptoms When your Desktop is launched from a mobile device, it’s possible that the touch inputs aren’t correctly redirected to your Desktop. This is mostly the case while viewing a model in game-engine based 3D software (Unity, Unreal Engine …). […]