Grey screen when logging in

Sometimes you might get a grey screen in the browser when trying to login to the platform. This is usually related to cached cookies. To resolve this you can try one of the following solutions: – You can go to (notice the /logout at the end) – Open an incognito internet window […]

Getting Started – Dashboard

Welcome to Cloudalize. This article will explain which features can be found where. Depending on your user credentials and your subscription type, you might see less items in the Dashboard. It gives you a quick overview of all resources available. (Available to admins.) The main parts are: Navigation bar (yellow): In the […]

Create a user and assign a desktop

The self-service portal Cloudalize always starts with a quick overview on all your resources. When you log in, you will see the “Dashboard”. From there you are able to navigate to Users to quickly add a new user. Before following these steps, we recommend to read the how-to on Deploying […]

How to run a traceroute

Overview Traceroute is a network diagnostic tool that displays the route taken by packets across a network and measures any transit delays. This can be useful for troubleshooting when the speedtest at is showing high latency or Jitter. For more info on the acceptable speedtest values go to : Run […]

How do I install and use the Cloudalize app?

If you do not wish to open your browser, go to the platform and login every time it is also possible to download and install the Electron app. This is a small application that will show the platform without the need of having to login each time. How to install […]

How do I deploy a Desktop/Workstation

To deploy a desktop to your user, you need at least one desktop type deployed with at least a capacity set to one. In this short how-to, we explain the steps you (or your admin) need(s) to take. Blueprints First, navigate to Blueprints in the menu on your left. Then, choose […]

Cloudalize Status Page

You can now check the Cloudalize status page on When we have an issue on our platform, we’ll communicate about it on this page. The status page will be updated frequently during an outage. On the Status page, you’ll see all the different layers of our platform: General […]

How do I install Citrix Receiver/Citrix Workspace app?

If you want to connect to the cloud workstation using the native receiver, you’ll have to install Citrix first. This is the small piece of software you’ll need to open the .ica files that initiates the connection towards your virtual machine. Without this software, the .ica files can’t be used. […]

Credit card verification

When you sign up, we ask you to provide your credit card information. This information is used only to verify your identity and let us know you’re not a robot. Your credit card is not charged during the verification. When you signup for a paid account and after you have successfully […]

Is it possible to use Autodesk Revit on Mac with Cloudalize?

Yes, while using the Cloudalize platform, you will get access to a fully pre-installed and pre-configured Windows 10 environment, running on any device, including your Mac. All without consuming any of the performance of your local device and avoiding the annoying blowing noise and battery drain that comes with it. […]

Desktops specifications

Workstation Model Name CPU RAM (GB) GPU RAM Maximum Resolution Storage (GB) M600 2 4 512MB 2560×1600 50 M601 4 8 1GB 2560×1600 50 M602 4 16 2GB 3840×2160 100 M604 8 32 4GB 3840×2160 200 M608 10 64 8GB 3840×2160 400 You can find more details about the pricing […]

Change deployed blueprint parameters

For every blueprint you deploy, you can change a few parameters. You can change the available capacity, you can change the billing schedule and you can remove that specific deploy. You can change those things by clicking on the Blueprint tab left on the screen. And go to “View Details“. Here […]