Getting Started – Dashboard

Welcome to Cloudalize. This article will explain which features can be found where. Depending on your user credentials and your subscription type, you might see less items in the Dashboard. It gives you a quick overview of all resources available. (Available to admins.) The main parts are: Navigation bar (yellow): In the […]

Create a user and assign a desktop

The self-service portal Cloudalize always starts with a quick overview on all your resources. When you log in, you will see the “Dashboard”. From there you are able to navigate to Users to quickly add a new user. Before following these steps, we recommend to read the how-to on Deploying […]

How do I deploy a Desktop/Workstation

To deploy a desktop to your user, you need at least one desktop type deployed with at least a capacity set to one. In this short how-to, we explain the steps you (or your admin) need(s) to take. Blueprints First, navigate to Blueprints in the menu on your left. Then, choose […]

How do I install Citrix Receiver/Citrix Workspace app?

If you want to connect to the cloud workstation using the native receiver, you’ll have to install Citrix first. This is the small piece of software you’ll need to open the .ica files that initiates the connection towards your virtual machine. Without this software, the .ica files can’t be used. […]

Change deployed blueprint parameters

For every blueprint you deploy, you can change a few parameters. You can change the available capacity, you can change the billing schedule and you can remove that specific deploy. You can change those things by clicking on the Blueprint tab left on the screen. And go to “View Details“. Here […]

How to shutdown or reboot a desktop

You can shutdown or reboot a desktop in different ways. Windows In Windows you can use the normal start menu icon to shutdown or reboot the desktop. These shutdown and reboot actions are gracefull. Meaning, it’s like a clean shutdown of a normal workstation at your home. Should you encounter […]

My keyboard layout is different in the Cloudalize Desktop

When connecting to your desktop using the web browser, it might be that your keyboard layout isn’t automatically taken over to the cloud desktop. To fix this, you can change/add your own keyboard layout to your desktop. When you use the native citrix client, the keyboard layout will automatically sync […]

How to activate multiple screens?

To connect to Cloudalize, you can use a webbrowser for quick and easy access. But, when you want to do more, we recommend to use the Citrix Receiver. With this receiver, you can stream your desktop to more than one screen that is connected to your device. To start, you […]

Password policy

We encourage our customers and users to value data security. This also means using a strong password. At this point we allow only passwords that: not contain the user’s account name or parts of the user’s full name that exceed two consecutive characters be at least 8 characters in length and […]

Known issue: iPad retina display resolution

Summary Cloudalize desktop resolution is not automatically converted to the iPad resolution. Symptoms If your iPad has a retina display, the desktop is going into a lower resolution. For example 1600×1200 with a 85% zoom. Which actually results in a resolution of 1366×1024. Resolution At this point we can’t offer […]

Known issue: full screen video in Chrome

Summary We know there is an issue when playing full screen video in Google Chrome. Symptoms When you open Google Chrome and play a video full screen, your desktop will block. You will not be able to exit the full screen modus. Resolution When you are using the web receiver, […]

Where are my data and desktops located?

London Datacenter (HAY01 & HAY02) As Cloudalize has built a full Cloudalize stack, this means we have control over datacenter, hardware and software. Our datacenter is located in London and we work together with Virtus Datacenters to make sure your data is secure. This datacenter offers: Eco-efficient, optimised design for fully […]

Profile Settings

You can change your profile settings by clicking on the left side on your profile picture. note The profile settings contains the following sections: General You can: – Upload a Profile Image. – Change the Connection Preference (Link to FAQ article) – Change the portal language. Security Here you can enable […]

What is hourly or monthly usage?

Hourly usage We have a recurring monthly subscription fee, when this fee is payed you will be charged for every hour that your Cloudalize Desktop is running. The burn-rate per hour depends on which type of Desktop you are running. Note: Every session on your Desktop is billed as an […]

Change deployed desktop capacity

Decreasing capacity is easy, just slide the slider to the left towards the number of desktops you actually would like to decrease. When you increase capacity, you will see the calculator make an estimation of credits needed to increase the capacity. Whenever you would have less than a week to […]